Q42 on GitHub

At Q42 we love creating things that people enjoy using. Along the way, we've created and contributed to several open source libraries. Collected on this page are some of them.


Star R.swift

Last updated: August 2018

Tool to get strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, cells and segues in Swift.

Star Bindable

Last updated: August 2018

Simple Swift `Variable<Value>` for databinding.

Star Promissum

Last updated: August 2018

Promissum is a promises library written in Swift. It features some known functions from Functional Programming like, `map` and `flatMap`.

Star CancellationToken

Last updated: August 2018

CancellationToken in Swift, modelled after the .NET version.

Star SegueManager

Last updated: May 2018

SegueManager makes it easier to perform segues with closures. No longer split your code into two parts when performing the segue and inside of `prepareForSegue`.

Star ElementDiff

Last updated: August 2018

Compute the differences between two arrays of ViewModels. Animate UITableView or UICollectionViews based on updates from the differences.

Star StyledString

Last updated: August 2018

A convenient API for creating styled strings. Uses value types to create NSAttributedStrings.

Star ImagePreview

Last updated: August 2018

Render low-res image previews with only ~200 bytes of unique data generated by the Q42.ImagePreview.net library.


Star AndroidScrolling​ImageView

Last updated: June 2018

An Android view for displaying repeated continuous side scrolling images. This can be used to create a parallax animation effect.

Star RxPromise

Last updated: December 2016

A Promise wrapper around RxJava's Observable.

Star Tolbaaken

Last updated: August 2017

A pure Kotlin logging library for Android with zero overhead.

Star ImagePreview

Last updated: August 2016

Render low-res image previews with only ~200 bytes of unique data generated by the Q42.ImagePreview.net library.


Star Q42.WinRT

Last updated: March 2016

Useful library for data driven Windows Phone and Windows C# / XAML WinRT projects.

Star Q42.HueApi

Last updated: August 2018

C# helper library to talk to the Philips Hue bridge.

Star Q42.RijksmuseumApi

Last updated: August 2015

Open source library for interaction with the Rijksmuseum API.

Star Q42.ImageResizert

Last updated: May 2017

Library for implementing an easy to use image resizer.

Star Vue dotnet validator

Last updated: September 2017

Client-side validator of .NET data-annotations using vue.js


Official elasticsearch client

Developed by former Q'er Martijn Laarman, NEST is now the official high-level .NET client of elasticsearch.


Star remcoder:chronos

Last updated: July 2016

Reactive time utilities for Meteor. Includes reactive replacements for new Date() and moment().

Star meteor-gce

Last updated: March 2015

Install scripts to run Meteor on Google Compute Engine.

Star meteor-gke

Last updated: October 2016

Deploy scripts to run Meteor on Google Container Engine and Kubernetes.

Star q42:autoform-markdown

Last updated: August 2015

A simple markdown textarea with preview using perak:markdown.


Star DDP-Server-Reactive

Last updated: October 2016

A ddp server for nodejs with reactive collections.

Star vue-loader

Adopted as official library

Vue.js component loader for webpack, using webpack loaders for the parts. Originally created as vue-multi-loader, this is now the official Vue loader.